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By becoming Egypt’s educational hub, we developed a new model designed to respond to the market and to investors’ ambitions through experiential learning in addition to enhancing the necessary skills and competencies which are crucial in today’s world for future job opportunities. We at Benchmark Education pave the path towards developing future leaders prepared to excel in the face of the world’s challenges.
Accreditations and Affiliations
Our schools offer multiple educational programs meeting various market segments from niche to mass markets, offering American, IB, British, and a National curriculum to over 10,000 students across Egypt. We also have leadership, languages (Spanish, French, and German), and technology embedded into our program. These programs are recognized by the top international authorizing and accrediting bodies.
Our Schools
At Benchmark Education, we believe that every child has the right to premium quality education. That's why our state-of-the-art facilities have a deeper purpose; offering operational excellence and an environment that builds positive character attributes. With that in mind, parents entrust us to deliver holistic programs that will prepare their children for a new world of career opportunities.

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Narmer American College signed a new contract agreement with Tatweer Misr
Benchmark Education affiliated and acknowledged by NESA council
Benchmark Education
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Benchmark Education
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Over the past 55 years, our expertise has positioned us as leaders in providing pre-operational and operational management services, fostering an attitude towards lifelong learning, as seen in our Professional Development and Training programs.
With a growing population of over 100 million, today we witness over 23.5 million making up the school going age and demographic. Egypt has over 8,545 private schools with only 768 of these being International schools. The opportunities for expansion are great.
Choose a career with Benchmark Education and be part of a leading team of education experts and passionate professionals. For over 55 years, we have built strong standards of excellence in Egypt and internationally.
Innovative quality-led education can stimulate intellectual curiosity, creativity, and the early adoption of technology.
Our professional development programs are a pathway to lifelong learning and educational distinction.